Rites of Passage Ceremonies & Other Services

Regardless of our origins, we all had ancestors who hailed from ancient tribal societies where the transitions of life were marked with special rites of passage ceremonies. Many cultures honored the end of the childbearing year with traditional practices which nourished and celebrated the new mother and family. I believe our modern society overlooks the importance of marking these life transitions in meaningful ways, and I hope to bring these sacred traditions back to those who so desire them.

Reiki Treatment

Sacred Fertility Session

Conscious Conception

A holistic approach that focuses on the spiritual and emotional needs of sacred conception as well as the physical.  Each session can be customized by typically we incorporate, frequency healing, herbs-herbal tea and yoni steaming, healing crystals, moxasticks, reiki, and acupressure to promote hormone balance, reduce stress,  increase warmth to the womb. Some women love the ritual of the sessions and book as a special start as they plan to add to their family.
If you are trying to conceive, I recommend this session right after bleeding and before ovulation. If you don’t have a period,  the date of a full moon is recommended. All sessions are conducted in the privacy of your home, and I provide all the materials needed.


Mother Blessing

Celebrating You & Your Journey

Many conscious mothers are now opting out of traditional baby showers to instead have a more meaningful, sacred experience with a Mother Blessing.  Commonly held around weeks 34-36 of pregnancy, a Mother Blessing is a time for friends and loved ones to honor and bless the mother and her unborn child as she prepares for the birth and motherhood. Surrounded by the important women in her life, the mother can feel supported and empowered as she explores the challenges and joys that lie before her as childbirth and motherhood draws near.
you feel supported, confident and empowered during and after the birth of your baby. I can work with the mother to tailor the blessing to her preferences.  Typically, each attendee will bring a bead chosen for the mother which will be used to make a prayer or affirmation bracelet the mother will wear the durarion of her pregnancy. We will speak blessing and encouragement over the mother as well as tell our own birth stories in a positive and enlightening way. We may also decorate index cards with affirmations and/or prayers for the mother to hang in her birthing space.

Woman in a Spa

Mother Sealing Ceremony

Sacred Postpartum Ritual

The process of pregnancy and birth opens our hips and wombs to allow our baby to come earthside. When that journey concludes we may be left feeling vulnerable or open not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. 

  A Mother Sealing Ceremony signifies the end of the pregnancy and follows the ancient wisdom of introducing "warmth" back into the your body. The service starts with a yoni steam while you sip a specially prepared herbal tea. After the steam, the you will be immersed in a warm environment while given a energy healing session with reiki and crystals.  Finally, you will be "closed" from her feet to your crown with woven scarves-signifying the end of your birth journey. 

Mother in Love

Birth Reclaiming Ceremony

Gentle, empowered healing

A Birth Reclaiming Ceremony can be a fresh start and new memory supporting your healing journey.  Mothers typically request a birth reclaiming ceremony after experiences a birth that was not her original plan – whether it be an emergency cesarean, a vaginal birth with lots of intervention, or even a natural birth that just wasn’t like the mother expected it was going to be. It gives her a safe place to process her feelings and emotionally heal. The process starts making a calming tea for the mother as we begin with a reframing of the birth story as I hold space for the mother and simply listen while she processes her experience.  From there, we seek to recreate how she envisioned meeting her baby  If mother wants a water environment, an herbal bath is prepared for the mother as relaxing music is played and candles set the mood. Specific healing stones can be incorporated. The ceremony concludes with baby being brought to mother for skin to skin.


Bengkung Belly Binding

Postpartum Healing

Postpartum belly binding has many benefits in supporting the new mother's recovery.  Each binding session will include a warming paste, belly panel, and white cotton wrap with instructions to the mother and partner. Dyed wraps may be used for an additional charge. Wrapping done before 3 weeks has the best results. Cesarean mothers should wait 4-6 weeks, or until their incision has healed and they are cleared by their care provider.  


Red Tent Ceremony


Menarche is a sacred event in a girl's life where she crosses the threshold into divine womanhood. A Red Tent ceremony is a rite of passage event, typically held on a new moon, where other women gather together to celebrate their divine womanhood and moon cycle.

On a Video Call

Virtual Womb Welnness Consultation


Did you know not every woman ovulates on day 14 of her cycle? Did you know that not only can luteal phase lengths vary from woman to woman, but a luteal phase that is too short can make it near impossible conceive? Did you know that certain herbs and supplements can balance your hormones and lengthen a luteal phase that it too short? As someone who overcame secondary infertility due to PCOS, IR, estrogen dominance, low progesterone, short luteal phase, high androgens, and adrenal fatigue 100% naturally with herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes, I have a passion for helping women feel their best. A womb wellness consult is not just for those planning to conceive; we focus on your reproductive and hormonal health so you can be balanced and well. This ond hour consultation can be done via phone, messenger, or video chat.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Healing Session

$40 for 30 min $75 for 60 min

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction that promotes the body's natural ability to heal itself. Life force energy, commonly referred to as chi, ki or prana, flows through pathways in and around the bodies of all living things. Stressors and traumas of everyday life can impede the freedom of this energy to flow properly. Over time and if left untreated, the energy becomes more blocked along these pathways and emotional, mental and physical symptoms may occur. 

Reiki works to help restore the energy flow to its optimum state which supports the body’s natural healing mechanisms. It addresses issues affecting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels without even discussing or having to determine what the issues or causes may be. It promotes overall well-being and balance. You remain fully clothed while energy may flow through my hands, while they are held on specific areas of the body or moved over the body, to assist clearing any blockages or imbalances in energetic meridians or pathways.

Reiki is not religious and requires no beliefs, therefore it is effective for people regardless of age, background or beliefs they have. Reiki is suitable for all and requires no change in your spiritual or religious life.

A reiki session can be held in your home or virtually.