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Updated: Nov 4, 2021

A full moon never ceases to excite me. My family helps me gather our crystals while I fill a few jars of water, and we set them outside overnight to bask in the glorious light of the moon.

A full moon always reminds me of two things--ritual and renewal. A ritual being something of comfort and consistency. My children often remind me to gather the crystals each full moon. They expect it. They look forward to it. We all have these little rituals in our life-even daily-that bring us joy and predictability.

Each moon cycle also brings renewal. Each phase is the start of something new. Though each moon phase is predictable and we expect it to come, through it the universe also reminds us that even cyclical events bring about new beginnings.

Switching gears here since I'm probably failing in my attempts to play amateur philosopher. Fall has always been my favorite season. I love the crisp weather. I anticipate the vibrant foliage. I'm also quite busy since 3 out of my 4 children's birthdays are in fall. Since I have gone off social media completely, I have rediscovered a renewed sense of living in the moment and experiencing the here and now. I deactivated my personal accounts some time ago and kept a separate account with no friends to maintain business pages. However, even that became a time consuming burden to me. It no longer brought me joy. I felt stressed and unhappy with the constant scrutiny of today's volatile social media climate. Although social media is very vital to businesses in today's plugged-in world, I have never felt a greater relief than when I just stopped all of it.

October is fabulous month. Our second daughter celebrated her seventh birthday on a beautiful, sunny day. The journey to bring her from hope to reality was really the catalyst that changed my entire view on most things. The experience of secondary infertility diagnosis of PCOS led me down the first of many rabbit holes which ultimately directed me to pursue coursework in medicinal herbalism. The birth of my sweet girl was also especially poignant since she was my first HBA2C.

Another little lady must have decided that she wanted an October birthday too. After driving through a treacherous storm late Sunday night, I finally arrived 2 hours later at the home of my client in labor. Just before noon the next day, I was blessed to be witness as this warrior mama, a UBA2C, roar her precious daughter earthside as she was surrounded by adoring family members.

Now no longer on call, I look forward to relaxing and enjoying my own family as this month draws to a close. I'm looking forward to taking our youngest two trick-or-treating. Soon it will be November, and it will be time to celebrate the birthdays of our two teenagers. My oldest turns 16! Where did the time go? You'll find yourself asking the same question one day. I wish you and yours peace and happiness as we slowly approach the big holiday season.

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