Melissa's Freebirth Story

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

I woke up around 5 am with light but steady contractions coming every 5 minutes. I got up with my older boys at about 630, grabbed them a snack and went back to sleep for about an hour, waking up to the same steady but light contractions. I did some Spinning Babies stuff (my last was posterior, and I did NOT want to experience that again) and just sort of hung out in my room while my partner cooked breakfast and tended to the boys. I grabbed a bite and got back to my quiet dark room. Chatting with friends on messenger and keeping moving quickly brought me to our 2 year olds nap time. Once he was napping, I thought I should maybe lay down since nothing was picking up, still light and 5 mins apart. Rested from about 12 to 1, got up and things quickly started picking up. Frequency instantly went up to 2-3 mins and about an hour later (2pm) intensity went up a degree. I kept moving and found that goddess pose during contractions made them nearly painless. So I did that for a few hours, every few minutes, while chatting with friends again.

By about 4 (I think) I was starting to feel very fatigued in my hips and legs and the intensity was going up again. I moved to leaning on my ball, on my knees, as goddess pose did not feel great anymore. I think around 6 I started feeling pretty defeated and miserable (reminding me that I was likely in transition and at the finish line).

The duration of all of this, my partner and boys were in and out but I was left in peace mostly. My partner had just come in at about 6:10, reminded me to relax my jaw, and told me that he was getting the boys to brush and off to bed so he could be with me. The next contractions after he walks out of the room was "pushy" and as my 2 year old finished brushing he came in to say goodnight to baby crowning! Had he not come in my partner would have just proceeded to getting them to bed lol.

My partner came to get the 2 year old and I told him we have a head, so he sat down behind me to catch his body. Baby's cord was wrapped (just like our other 2), and he calmly unwrapped him and handed him up to me. He was clearing a bit more fluid than I was used to with my other two but he worked it out over the next few minutes pretty well and has done perfectly now today.

I hopped in a shower quickly while my partner got the kids down and cleaned up everything. We cut baby's cord around 930 pm. He has a wonderful latch (my others took some work) and has been nursing beautifully.


Melissa is a mother of three boys, all home birthed, two freebirthed. She is a stay at home mother who lives in Tennessee with her partner Jonathan. She enjoys unschooling their children, learning about plant medicine, and creating wood burning art.

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