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Empowering families through the transformative time of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


"Birth is about so much more than the wriggling of a tiny body out of a larger one. When we birth, we don't just birth babies. We birth ourselves, our families, and we reshape our lives."

Dr. Sarah Wickham


Birth Services and Sacred Ceremonies

I have always been inspired by the strength of women and the miracle of birth. I became a birthkeeper because I believe everyone deserves to have someone there to encourage and support them in making informed choices about their pregnancy, and remind them that they can trust in the strength of their bodies during this time. I also believe that our society suffers because we have abandoned the sacred rites of passages that welcomed women to motherhood and closed the journey of their postpartum time, and I hope to bring those sacred ceremonies back.To learn more about my services and ceremonies, click my services tab at the top of the page.


Meet the Birthkeeper

Hi, I'm Jess. I am a wife, herbalist, reiki healer, lactation counselor, and homeschool mom of 4.

 A birthkeeper is a servant to women of childbearing age and keeper of the sacred wisdom surrounding physiological birth. After experiencing two traumatic cesarean births, I devoured any resource I could to learn more about physiological birth. Armed and empowered with that knowledge,  I birthed our third and fourth children at home. While I know each woman may make different choices when it comes to birth, I believe everyone deserves the right to informed consent, respect, and dignity no matter what.
The need for traditional caring, sensitive and knowledgeable birth support during this modern era is becoming more and more apparent. I journey along side the woman and her partner during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. As a well-known birthkeeper, I had the distinct privilege of serving families in the St.Louis metro area. My family has relocated , and I feel honored to now contribute my expertise to Southeast Missouri.



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